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Inspired by simplicity and life in general. Inspirational or motivational quotations can have a big impact on someone's life so we wanted to make beautiful jewellery that could serve as a great accessory but also as a reminder of what is important to that person.  Our jewellery has the power to create moods and provoke thoughts and reactions and we love that it can do that! Not only does it add a beautiful stylish and sophisticated touch to an outfit but it can make a much more profound statement. Every single piece of personalised jewellery we create has its own story to tell.  Giving a gift of jewellery is nice but giving a gift of jewellery with a personal message is so much more special. We love to hide the message too making it a secret, something shared between only you and a loved one, like a soft little whisper in their ear each time they wear it. Nothing can be more special than that and it will be cherished forever.